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How Many Trees Can 1 Artist Paint? Bring on 2020!

Lots apparently! Yep, it’s that time of year when one feels compelled to look back over the year and reflect. The closing of 2019 is also the end of a decade so I’m into a BIG reflection. As if that weren’t enough I’ve been painting full-time for 5 years now, a milestone that would require […]

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Reflections on the 2019 Outdoor Painting Season

Yikes! A Winter Blast! We actually had a winter storm last week. It arrived immediately after some summer-like weather. We had summer, fall and winter weather all within a few days. Fortunately, though, the snow is mostly gone and fall has returned. It’s still summer indoors, however. I’m organizing all the paintings I did over […]

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Fall Re-Boot

┬áChange of Pace After Summer September is always bittersweet. The last few days of summer weather signal the approaching end of lake season and time at the cottage. For me, as well, it indicates another ‘en plain air’ painting season is drawing-to-a-close. More time at home means more time in my studio where I paint […]

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