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Stay Home – Stay Safe – Connect

I can scarcely believe how much our world has changed in the last few weeks. Social distancing (physical distancing), self-isolating, quarantine and COVID-19 counts are now commonplace. The first week I struggled with the rapid changes. Last week I fine-tuned a daily ‘at home’ routine that was comfortable. This week the reality of the situation […]

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Almost A Sabbatical

Time to Re-Charge my Creativity I started painting full-time 5 years ago after painting intermittently for over 30 years. It’s  been a wonderful whirlwind. I started my art business,  exhibited paintings in some shows, held open studios, designed a website, tried to master social media numerical times and painted the Canadian Shield almost exclusively. I’ve […]

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How Many Trees Can 1 Artist Paint? Bring on 2020!

Lots apparently! Yep, it’s that time of year when one feels compelled to look back over the year and reflect. The closing of 2019 is also the end of a decade so I’m into a BIG reflection. As if that weren’t enough I’ve been painting full-time for 5 years now, a milestone that would require […]

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